Welcome! Spreading my LOVE and passion for Custom Cars and Show Cars.

Spreading my Passion for Cars

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We LOVE what we do and it shows.

Show Car Specialist

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We are open by appointment only but feel free to call anytime.

If we don't answer please leave a message, sometimes you can't just walk away from a project in the middle of a step. That is how mistakes are made.

About Me

My Background

My life has been cars as long as I can remember. My 1st car at 15 years old was a 1957 Chevy and YES I still own it today.  I am the guy that would rather be working on cars than most anything. Sure I get out with friends and family but the party really starts when someone mentions a car.

My Favorite Cars

I can't really say I have a FAVORITE car, I love them all. The cars that come to me are not just a pay check for me, they are your DREAMS and I make them a Reality.  I am happy to say I work on each car and after a short time it becomes MY BABY. Sure it is your car but it is MY BABY so I treat them all as my new borns.

How to See My Cars

I don't do all this work just to let our cars stay in the garage! These  cars are meant to be driven and to be shown off. You will find our cars at many local shows but also on the in-door show circuit. They look great from any angle including the underneath. You can also visit our Facebook page for more.